Increased personal awareness,

increases professional effectiveness

What is EPPJ?

EPPJ is a methodology for sharpening the decisions we make and actions we take about ourselves and others, by understanding the effect of our internal and external influences.

The EPPJ tool

We have developed a psychometric tool that enables people to identify where on the Consciousness / Constructiveness axis they sit.

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The first step in recognising our own biases is to establish how self-aware we are and, how likely we are to be affected by unconscious bias.

Welcome to EPPJ…

We all like to think that we are naturally objective and broadminded. The facts, however, don’t support such a belief. Many earlier studies have shown that we are all affected, at least to some extent, by ‘biases’ – that is, underlying attitudes which result from our backgrounds, and which affect our decision making. This, of course, begs an obvious question: can we become more aware of our biases, and control them, in order to improve our decision-making?

That’s where EPPJ comes in…

What is EPPJ

EPPJ is a methodology for sharpening the decisions and actions we take about ourselves and others, by understanding the effect of our internal and external influences. It does so by asking – and answering – some key questions, such as:


  • How do individuals construct meaning?
  • What effect does an individual’s early experiences within the family unit have on their role occupancy in adulthood?
  • What part does an individual’s biography have on their decision-making?
  • What complex group processes are at play when individuals come together in groups/teams to make recommendations/decisions?

By examining these questions, EPPJ helps to avoid stereotyping and generalisations. By identifying and describing the correlation between biography and professional identity, the EPPJ process aims to assist individuals to become more conscious of their own biases, and thus make more balanced and less discriminatory decisions about others.

Meet our founder

Dr. Arlene P Weekes

With over 30 years of experience in the social work profession, Dr. Arlene P Weekes introduced and developed the concept of Effective Personal and Professional Judgement (EPPJ), as a model for helping individuals improve the decisions and actions they take in meeting the needs of others, by understanding the effect of internal and external influences. The basic premise of EPPJ is that: “increased personal awareness increases professional effectiveness”.

"Arlene's knowledge and her natural way of talking made the course very interesting."

Julia Crawford – Foster Carer / Mentor

"The entire course was extremely informative. I thought the video clips of real people with real stories worked very well and helped solidify the topic."

Margaret Paddyfoot – Independent Panel Member

"The delivery of the trainers... I really enjoyed how you engaged with the group and I hope we meet again. The film clips that brought the model to life through the voices of carers and care experienced adults. Multiple perspectives, diversity and diverse voices, which doesn't come through for me in the model alone (previously reading the book, You Tube). The pace and interaction."

Chrissie Gregory – Partners in Practice Manager (Islington)

"The use of the film clips to demonstrate a point that challenged my own thinking, allowing me to grown and change my previously held conceptions."

Mandy Clark – Independent Panel Member

"Arlene is so knowledgeable about panels and how set up. Research seemed in-depth and very pertinent. Lots to digest and think about ."

Andrea Candlish – Independent Panel Member (Retired Health Visitor)